Author:  Caner Taslaman

Is the Big Bang theory acceptable? What are the philosophical and religious consequences of the Big Bang theory? Can the existence of God be demonstrated through scientific data and logical reasoning? Are the universe, the laws of science, universal phenomena, living beings and we ourselves the products of sheer coincidence or are we designed? The answers we reach will have decisive effects on what we must believe and whether life has meaning or not. The beliefs we hold and our concept of life influence formative aspects of our lifestyle such as ethics. Our opinion of the universe is consequential. Our view of it shapes the view we have of ourselves, which is but a fragment of it.

This book examines diverse fields like physics and astronomy, and philosophy and theology, reuniting the information from all these separate fields and exposing the walls that have been raised between them. With this book, the author adds to the debate revolving around the ‘anthropic principle’ by developing the ‘world principle.’The author offers the reader an original critique of materialist philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, and in particular of Kant and Hawking, making this book highly informative and thought-provoking. The reader not only finds answers to questions about the meaning of our existence, but also gains new insights into science, philosophy and theology.

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